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My CMALA fellows:

As we get settled back into our lives, post-CMALA 2014, I hope that you share with me a true sense of restoration of our sobriety, and unity with our fellows.  CMALA 2014 was a success beyond our wildest imagination.  We shattered attendance records, touched more newcomers than ever, and heard the powerful CMA message from Carole T., Roger D., Rhonda W, and Zeb N., and the many other workshop leaders and participants.  All of those amazing experiences, as well as the gift of laughter from our talented entertainment hosts, made CMALA 2014 the perfect way to celebrate 15 years of this extraordinary event.

On behalf of the Committee, I want to thank each and every person who attended and volunteered . . . without you, CMALA: Restored and United would not have been possible.  Whether you moved chairs, brewed coffee, sold raffle tickets, or shared your experience, strength and hope – however you participated in this weekend –  your collective efforts created an extraordinary village of love and hope.  Collectively, we are so much more powerful than we are on our own.  That is a lesson from the 12 steps that we saw on display all weekend long .  Thanks to all of you for showing us on the Committee how this program works in action.

It truly takes a village to stay sober, and there is no other village I would rather belong to than CMALA.  I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store.


In love and service,

Mike M.

Chair, CMALA 2014



Happy “Crystal” Anniversary CMALA! 




The CMALA Convention is 3-day celebration of sobriety held every spring in Los Angeles, where Crystal Meth Anonymous began in 1994.  Everyone desiring to lead a life free of addiction to crystal meth is welcome. Whether you are just starting out in your recovery or looking for a way to enrich your program, CMALA has a workshop or event for you.




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